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High-load is at the intersection of DevOps and PHP development [rus]

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Let's talk about how software solutions and business needs understanding can make life easier:

  • CQRS-architecture in action.
  • The story of a seamless move to another DC.
  • Cross-DC infrastructure and data processing.
  • Software solutions for cross-DC interaction.

Technical details of the transit, methods, and technical stack in terms of software engineering: Mysql (Galera Cluster + StandAlone), RabbitMQ, Cache Warming Strategy, Redis Replication, RabbitMQ-tools.

Fedor Mokhon
  • Solutions Architect at Sendios (one of the products at Genesis holding). His team develops an ESP platform and works with users’ retention for their clients.
  • Likes to sew together product whims from pieces of technology into a complex solution.
  • Has been using PHP for over 10 years.
  • For most of his experience, Fedor has been working with high-load systems, designing and implementing business requirements, architectural solutions.
  • Has a lot of experience in performance optimization of data warehouses: MySQL, Redis, Memcached.
  • All of his experience is connected with self-hosted infrastructure. He knows what it means "to cook for high-load".
  • Fedor has a tambourine at the workplace (no kidding).
  • Linkedin, Telegram
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