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We will dig into principles that allow writing code that breaks less:

  • composition and enforcing it;
  • private by default;
  • named constructors;
  • state and immutability;
  • method chaining;
  • dependencies and injection;
  • method flow and cyclomatic complexity;
  • exceptions: when to catch, how to catch. What should we do with exceptions and what we should not;
  • value object;
  • DTO;
  • typing;
  • services, their dependencies, and state;
  • how to write code so it works with RoadRunner / Swoole;
  • how to test all that?
  • CQS;
  • layers and abstraction.
Alexander Makarov
  • An engineer who managed to work in Wrike,, Skyeng and other interesting projects
  • An active participant of OpenSource projects, one of the developers of the Yii PHP framework and representative in PHP-FIG
  • Co-organizer of PHP Russia
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