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GraphQL: change for the best

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Many of us constantly hear about undeniable advantages of GraphQL, such as single end-point, extendable hierarchy, strict types, flexibility and more. These talks always sounds great, but what about reality? Where can we find a real-life examples of using GraphQL in production?

Well, in this talk I would give you one. I am going to tell how one can build Presentation (UI) layer for DDD (or any other layered architecture) using the most common GraphQL PHP library, Laravel and magic in a handmade resolver. The one, that was easy to build, but difficult to get right. I am planning to remind you about rarely used object data type and why it is so important for common-used open-source projects to close GitHub issues as soon as possible. You’ll get an in-depth advice how to create a successful pair between GraphQL and Big Data microservices.

Anastasia Lysenko
  • Team Lead and Software Architect 13chats (SendPulse)
  • Who have more than ten years of experience in software development, but always curious to learn more and get things right
  • Addicted to patterns, clean code, and simple solutions
  • Facebook, Linkedin
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