Different software evolutions from Start till Release in PHP product

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All of us think about many questions when we start a project, when we already have a product and when we release it. Here are some of them: which architecture and infrastructure to choose? what should be the repository structure? how to make the right evolution from one application to 100 microservices with success product release? how to distribute cross-stack commands as a whole? what development practices to use?

This story will expose approaches to solving these and many other problems in PHP projects through: None-Breaking change development approach, Cross-stack contacts, Trunk Based development, evolution from Polyrepo to Monorepo with components on different technologies, Boilerplates for components, different Architecture Views, Continuous Testing & Quality, Infrastructure View, Infrastructure as a code as the main tool.

This topic will appeal to everyone - from Software Developer to Architect, as many Tips & Tricks will be revealed.

Oleksandr Savchenko
  • Has more than 10 years experience in software development and design.
  • He went way from PHP developer to technical lead, architect, Head of Unit and right now he is Head of Core Development in Ciklum. Participated in the large number of projects with different complexity and from different domain areas.
  • Actively leads the engineering communities and process of regular knowledge transfers within Ciklum, he is a member of PHP Friends Club developer community.
  • He is co-founder and contributor of open-source products which was successfully integrated and used in many projects.
  • He started partnership programs with SensioLabs, BlackFire, etc.
  • He is a winner of Ukrainian IT Awards in category Software Engineering
  • GitHub, LinkedIn
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