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Your web application is vulnerable!

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Development gets easier day by day. Many high-level tools reduce the entry threshold, the level of technology penetration is rapidly growing, and as a result, we have a growing amount of surrounding systems. Vulnerable systems. In 2018, India leaked 1.1 billion citizens data, Twitter leaked 330 million passwords, Facebook leaked 50 million passwords and 87 million conversations. Tens of thousands of other personal data and confidential information leaks left behind or were not spotted at all.

Most of the incidents are related to simple and well-studied vulnerabilities that are relatively easy to resist.

The presentation is tailored for developers who care about security of their applications. I’ll talk about the popular vectors of applications attack, how to defend against them, and about general practices to maintain security with minimal effort.

Dmytro Naumenko
HiQDev, Yii
  • Web developer from Kyiv
  • Core developer of the PHP framework Yii
  • Active member of Open Source community
  • GitHub
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