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Power-up micro-services with gRPC and ProtoBuffers

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Nowadays, many of us choose the micro-service architecture for their projects. But with this solution, you can take many additional problems as efficient and transparent interaction between all of them in one infrastructure. In addition, there is an issue of communication and integration among teams that responsible for those services.

The decent solution is gRPC. In this talk we going to focus on how gRPC and ProtoBuffers work, compare with alternatives like REST+JSON, RPC via RabbitMQ.

The presentation will be useful to anyone who uses or plans to use a micro-service approach in the development process.

Oleksii Didenko
BigCommerce Inc.
  • A software engineer at BigCommerce.
  • Symfony evangelist since it was created.
  • Solves the problems of fragmentation of the monolith on the microservices and vice versa :)
  • Handles 10+ years old system and keep calm.
  • Twitter, GitHub, Facebook
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