Workshop: LLMs to enhance Software Engineers

At this workshop, we will consider how to use generative AI tools to automate routine tasks, prevent errors in the code, how to quickly prototype, experiment, and much more.
Event is over
Workshop: LLMs to enhance Software Engineers
Workshop: LLMs to enhance Software Engineers
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Waiting list

Unfortunately, all tickets for this workshop have already been sold.
But you can leave your application in the waiting list and we will contact you first when we open the sale of tickets for repeated workshop by Danylo Topchyo

Description of the workshop

AI will not replace programmers, but the work of engineers will change a lot in the coming years: those specialists who successfully integrate AI into their work will definitely replace engineers who do not.

In this workshop we will consider:

  • how to use generative AI tools to automate routine tasks
  • how to speed up finding and preventing errors in the code
  • how to quickly prototype and experiment
  • how to improve learning new technologies
  • how to make code review and refactoring effective.

Expert - Danilo Topchii, CTO, Generative AI consultant.


Date and time: December 16, 11:00 - 15:30, (Kyiv time, GMT+3), duration ~4.5 hours

Platform: Zoom. We will send you the link on the eve of the workshop, and you will also find it on this page.

Language of the event and presentation: Ukrainian

Number of participants: 25 places

Audience: developers with any experience


  • Prompt engineering
  • Pair programming
  • Debugging
  • Architecting
  • Drawing ULM diagrams
  • Testing, unit testing
  • Adding typing
  • Prototyping.
  • Ideating
  • Programming in an unknown language
  • IDEs
  • GPT Agents. Do they work?
  • Studying


  • A short intro to foundational models. How they work, their capabilities and limitations (30 min)
  • Prompt engineering: long-term memory and working with large amounts of information (30 min)
  • Pair programming with LLMs (1 hour)
  • Break (1 hour)
  • AI agents. How they work and how to integrate them (30 min)
  • Refactoring and automation of routine tasks with the help of LLMs (1 hour)
  • Q&A, discussion

Danil Topchii, Technical founder

— More than 7 years of experience in startups

— Passed the two largest VC accelerators – Entrepreneur First and Antler

— Author of the podcast "Potestim in progress"

—Speaker at conferences

— Generative AI startup consultant


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