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So, you need to implement a spinner

A fairy tale of tools, legacy, and refactoring.

What could be easier than implementing a single spinner, especially when you have 15 years of frontend experience? How long will it take? An hour. Maybe two? Four, because you want to read all your forever open tabs with Reddit? My answer is 2.5 months. In this talk, we will step by step go through the obstacles we create to ourselves which result in pain, confusion, and uncertainty.

The talk is a light yet valuable tour about why legacy in JavaScript projects is so hard. Wrapped into entertainment (and real) story of "spinner journeys" it highlights important things that could help us to write better code from day 1. It does not require any special knowledge about any framework or great expertise in JavaScript.

Most of the knowledge should be applicable by attendees immediately after the talk.

Illya Klymov
  • more than 12 years with JavaScript in all its manifestations
  • more than 10 years of teaching in 2 Universities, few commercial courses, and own project
  • Kottan
  • Believes that empathy and leadership are the keys to successful development of the Ukrainian JS community
  • Doesn’t like losing :)
  • Twitter, GitHub, Medium
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