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Why are Angular and React so fast?

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Very few developers have the need to write super optimized code. In application development, we tend to favor readability over optimization. But that’s not the case with frameworks. Developers who use frameworks expect them to run as fast as possible. In fact, speed is often a defining characteristic when choosing a framework. There are techniques that make code run faster. You’ve probably heard about linked lists, monomorphism, and bitmasks, right? Maybe you've even used some. Well, you can find all these and a bunch of other interesting approaches in the sources of most popular JS frameworks.

Over the past year, I’ve seen a lot while reverse-engineering Angular and React. In this talk, I want to share my findings with you. Some of you may end up applying them at work. And others, who knows, may even end up writing the next big framework.

Max Koretskyi
  • Adept at architectural patterns in JS frameworks. He finds them and tries to explain them in plain English.
  • A self-taught software engineer that believes in fundamental knowledge and hardcore learning.
  • The founder of Angular In Depth blog and community and one of the top Angular contributors on StackOverflow.
  • A Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and holds the title of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional.
  • A Developer Advocate at ag-Grid.
  • If you want to know about Max careers path more, check this video out.
  • Twitter, GitHub, Medium
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