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The Almighty Rabbit Hole

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It’s difficult to get inspired sometimes. We often make the mistake of looking at our own industry for answers and ideas which leads to regurgitation and me-too-ness. For us to stay interested in our careers we need try new things and experiment. And the first step on our path to progress is inspiration.

I spend a lot of my walking life designing SVG animations and interactive design components with JavaScript and in my talk I chat about how and why they came about, the processes, the challenges, the failures and successes and the rabbit holes I dive down to try and discover new techniques and approaches to creating interesting (and often weird) things.

Chris Gannon
Animator, Illustrator and Interactive Designer
  • Independent animator, illustrator and interactive designer.
  • Specialist in random nonsense (personal work) and highly detailed and considered interactive design and animation (for clients).
  • Won two industry CSS Design Awards despite not really liking CSS and never using it in any of his work.
  • Recently discovered he has an obsession with animating eggs. Obsessive experimentalist.
  • Loves mixing technologies, techniques and approaches to create new ideas and results.
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