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JS on Server: To be or not to be?

Talk video

It's a hard time for everyone in Node.JS community. From one side - we are still discussing Ryan Dahl with his talk about bad design decisions in node.js and presenting Deno. GoLang getting more and more hype and traction. From other - shiny new world of "enterprise frameworks" like LoopBack and Nest.js, better and better internal optimizations, TypeScript gaining more and more validation powers.

Is JS still an option for backend or it's fate to be a "BFF" - Backend-for-Frontend, intermediate server between our clients and real backend, written in "true" languages. Let's figure this out.

Illya Klymov
  • more than 12 years with JavaScript in all its manifestations
  • more than 10 years of teaching in 2 Universities, few commercial courses, and own project
  • Kottan
  • Believes that empathy and leadership are the keys to successful development of the Ukrainian JS community
  • Doesn’t like losing :)
  • Twitter, GitHub, Medium
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