Web Vitals monitoring & optimizations [rus]

Talk presentation

Performance is one of the key factors in determining a product's user experience. It is very important that the site loads quickly, is responsive and interactive, and the content remains stable.

I want to share why you need to monitor application performance, talk about Web Vitals metrics and tools for measuring them.

I also want to tell you about examples of optimizations that can positively affect performance and what results it can bring.

Erik Himiranov
  • Team Lead in Prom.ua (Sites team) at the EVO company
  • Has been developing Web Applications for over 4 years
  • Passionates about Ukrainian products
  • Interested in the numbers and business metrics of the project, can dive into Google Analytics for a couple of hours
  • Refactored more CoffeeScript than he wanted to
  • LinkedIn, GitHub
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