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Web APIs You Might Not Know About [rus]

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How many front-end developers know that in 2021 it is possible to access contacts on a mobile device directly from the browser? Or that recognizing QR codes AI is already in your mobile Chrome? Apart from the fact that the classic "client requests - server responds" scheme we are used to is by no means the only architectural solution for communication between the server and the pages. Let's figure out what modern browsers can do, and how they can help a "regular" project.

Sasha Shynkevich
  • Engineering Manager at Bravado
  • Lead frontend developer from Minsk, Belarus
  • Speaker, and organizer of local meetups MinskCSS and MinskJS, and FrontendConf Conference in Russia
  • GoogleDevExpert on Web Technologies and WomenTechmakers Ambassador
  • Is her spare time she likes camping and playing Dungeons&Dragons with friends
  • Twitter, GitHub
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