How to use TypeORM and stay alive [rus]

Talk presentation

TypeORM is one of the most popular ORM for Typescript based projects. 26k stars on GitHub, 815k weekly installs. But is it that good?

This is a story of the speaker's relationship with TypeORM: from love to hate and life after.

You will learn which common problems may happen with ORMs and where to look when you are choosing ORM for the next project. And if you already using TypeORM, you will recognize yourself and find like-minded people.

Andrii Andriiko
Nomad Homes
  • Senior Software Engineer at Nomad Homes
  • First engineer at Nomad Homes: day one → $20M Series A today
  • Switched from outsourcing to startup
  • Believes that engineers should solve problems, not just right a code
  • An introvert who likes public speaking
  • LinkedIn, Facebook
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