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Workshop "Building Decentralised Chat with Next.js" [ukr]

Workshop presentation

This workshop will guide you through the core concepts of blockchain, Web3 social networks, decentralized storage, and interaction with blockchain using JavaScript, providing practical steps for creating a fully decentralized and efficient chat application. You will gain knowledge about the Subsocial Blockchain and its SDK, explore the key advantages of Next.js for web application development, and delve into the world of decentralized storage with IPFS.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn how to implement user authentication through key pair generation and integrate decentralized data storage using IPFS and Subsocial. Finally, you will optimize your app's speed using Next.js features and deploy the application on Vercel. As a result of this workshop, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to develop and deploy your own decentralized chat application, which will serve as a stepping stone into the world of Web3 social networks and decentralized technologies.

Oleh Melnychuk
  • Builder of web3 social protocol since 2019
  • I combining both development and product roles in a startup
  • Founder and first Lead of Google Developer Student Club in NAU
  • I love mentoring and knowledge sharing
  • I like the web, but hate CSS
  • GitHub, LinkedIn, Telegram, Twitter
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