React Query: the next big thing? [ru]

Talk video

React Query is a collection of hooks for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous state in React. It’s a simple and small API that can be used out of the box with zero configuration.

It is protocol agnostic, so this means we can use REST, GraphQL, or whatever the use case is, and it supports things like auto caching and refetching out of the box.

React query maintains a global cache for all the GET requests. Once data is fetched from the server react query keeps track of aspects such as cache time.

Also, it provides a debugging tool to keep track of all the queries in the application.

Should we stop using Redux or MobX? Should we immediately add React Query to all our projects? I am looking forward to answering those and many other questions during my talk.

You are welcome!

Anton Khudiakov
  • Front End Developer at Ubisoft
  • KPI IASA Master's Degree
  • Lecturer, Mentor at Lectrum
  • Manchester City fan since 2011
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub
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