[WORKSHOP] Full-Stack Kata

Kata. By repeating the same action sequence over and over we deepen our knowledge, perfect our skills, so they can be executed and adapted under different circumstances, without thought or hesitation.
In Kendo it’s a step, sword raises, a swing, a parry, a side-step, another strike, a step backward.
In the world of web development it's a GET, UI render, an event is fire, a fetch call, validation, server processing, response, UI update.
It’s a set of simple actions that we repeat over and over again day after day and year after year. The deeper we understand what we do at each step, the more precise our actions are, the fewer mistakes we make, and the better we do our job.

I will perform a full-stack kata at this workshop. I will write a small browser application with a Node.js server component. We’ll cover the following topics:

  • responsive layout
  • CSS layout and animations
  • working with forms
  • HTTP headers and authorization
  • streams, file upload and download
  • some parts of JavaScript: promises, async iterators, regular expressions

We will rely on APIs and capabilities provided by browsers and Node, prior knowledge of certain libraries or frameworks is not required. The workshop will be of interest to junior and middle developers, while more experienced people will be able to refresh their knowledge.

Andrey Listochkin
Viravix / MetaSystems
  • CTO at Viravix / MetaSystems
  • KyivJS, RustFest, RustUkraine organizer
  • Preached Anti-Hype before it was cool
  • Speaks Unicode at 3 am
  • “JavaScript Druid” according to some Go engineers at Dropbox and Google
  • Loves JavaScript, even though Prolog is his all-time favorite
  • Twitter, GitHub
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