Electron. How the most modern framework works [ru]

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Have you ever wondered why all the top companies are developing their desktop versions of applications? Spotify, Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, VS Code, etc. All these modern programs use one framework and that is Electron. But why? What's in it that WPF or JavaFX doesn't have? A small spoiler - JavaScript. But this is not the only thing.

So in this speech we:

    1. Let's remember the history of origin and understand who really maintains this product
    2. Let's look under the hood and see how it really works
    3. Let's talk about why VS Code has so many processes
    4. Let's deal with the main killer features
    5. Let's evaluate the framework cons
    6. Let's meet the community

This topic is suitable for everyone who is already familiar with JS and is interested in desktop applications.

Oleksii Holubiev
  • Lead Software Engineer at SoftServe
  • Developer with more than 7 years of experience in fullstack. Basic programming languages are TypeScript, JavaScript, C #
  • In the past Oleksiy was engaged in cyber security, wrote exploits
  • JavaScript teacher with more than a hundred students. He'll teach programming even a monkey, but that's not true
  • Host and co-author of youtube shows for beginners
  • Leader of streams in programming and management
  • LinkedIn
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