TypeScript cargo-cult in Ukrainian outsourcers [ru]

Talk video

In the JavaScript community, there are only talks about TypeScript and "safety". But what if I tell you that this safety is just a myth and "cheek blowing". In this talk, I will summarize my four years of consulting of four outsourcing companies (from 50 to 150 people) and tell you how step by step they were weaned away from TypeScript.

In this talk we will look through:

  • What kind of tasks TypeScript solves
  • What kind of tasks TypeScript does not solve
  • Which tasks people “pretend” to solve with TypeScript
  • How to wean people away from TS and why
  • Why does consulting sell TypeScript and who benefits?
  • How to increase safety while reducing costs by giving up on TypeScript

This talk will also answer your favorite question, "how much do you earn?". Or rather, in the context of the topic, "what is the economic impact of such actions?”.
The talk will cover all aspects of the topic, from technical to project management questions. And everyone, from Junior to CTO, will definitely bring out useful information.

Illya Klymov
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