13 ways to run web applications on the Internet [ua]

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So, we wrote our app. Using Node.js, React, or Angular. And what's next? How your masterpiece can be shown to the entire Internet, or at least your mom, client, or friends. Probably you should find a DevOps, that will launch it for us... But what if I tell you, how to do it on your own? At this talk I'll show you 13 ways, how to launch your app on the Internet, what is the difference between them, and which method you should choose in a particular situation, from simple to complex, from free to expensive and robust.

Andrii Shumada
  • R&D Team Lead at WalkMe
  • 14 years in Software Development
  • Engaged in development and deployment of high-load projects
  • A member of the program committee at Fwdays conferences, public speaker
  • He likes concise and beautiful code that does’t need comments
  • Besides programming enjoys riding on a motorcycle
  • Twitter, GitHub, website
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