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MySQL 8.0 Performance: Scalability & Benchmarks

This session will be interesting to everyone looking for the latest news about MySQL 8.0 Performance and also overall performance improvements delivered during the past years.

  • MySQL 8.0 is GA over a year now!
  • what about MySQL 8.0 Performance ? ;-)
  • the latest benchmark results obtained with MySQL 8.0 will be in center of the talk.
  • because every benchmark workload for MySQL is a "problem to resolve".
  • each resolved problem is a potential gain in your production!
  • many important internal design changes are coming with MySQL 8.0
  • how to bring them in action most efficiently?
  • what kind of trade-offs to expect, what is already good, and what is "not yet"?
  • how well MySQL 8.0 is able to use the latest HW?
  • could you really speed-up your IO by deploying your data on the latest flash storage?

These and many other questions are answered during this talk + proven by benchmark results.

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