It Scales Until It Doesn’t

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We are used to thinking that “high-load” means distributed systems, computing power, application, and kernel profiling. But sometimes you can’t simply scale your cluster. Maybe your hashmaps don’t fit in the server memory. Maybe you need single-digit millisecond latency. Maybe the cost is too high. Or your server is a … mobile phone.

In this talk, we will show how popular and lesser-known algorithms, data structures, and systems tuning helped us to overcome these blockers. Who said you don’t need to know algorithms nowadays?

Dmitry Tiagulskyi
  • Tech Lead of the Core Services team at Grammarly
  • Develops natural language processing services running in the cloud for millions of users
  • As a long-time on-call warrior, interested in making software simple and reliable
  • Nostalgic about programming BASIC on a Soviet PC "Korvet"
Yaroslav Yermilov
  • Software Engineer in the Core Services team at Grammarly
  • Maintains parts of high-loaded text processing pipeline
  • Has seen algorithms during everyday work, not only during coding interviews
  • Nostalgic about programming Turbo Pascal on 486
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