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[WORKSHOP] DAPR in action, migrating your application to microservices [ukr]/[eng]

The workshop aims to demonstrate the new DAPR framework abilities for building microservices applications and show a viable migration path from existing C# applications. During this workshop, you will understand how DAPR can help you concentrate on business logic and make your application agnostic of cloud, storage, and message brokers. And how this framework brings an "ease of use" model and abstraction level over Kubernetes, repeating the evolution path of ORM.


  1. We will start with a DAPR setup on a local machine.
  2. Then proceed with a cloud infrastructure setup.
  3. Continue with sample monolithic .NET Core application.
  4. And run our application locally with DAPR services.
  5. Split the application in two and connect them with pub/sub from DAPR.
  6. Enable and add logging and storage.
  7. And finally, configure and deploy applications to Azure.

The workshop will have a GitHub repository containing complete start and end code.


  • Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.
  • .NET Framework 3.1.
  • DAPR CLI installed on a local machine.
  • Azure subscription, if you want to deploy applications to Kubernetes.
Stanislav Lebedenko
Sigma Software
  • Microsoft Azure MVP and co-organizer of Odesa Microsoft .NET user group
  • A speaker and author, an active member of Ukraine .NET/Azure communities
  • Driving solution architecture changes and writing code for Sigma Software
  • Twitter, Github
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