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Security is a matter of success

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Authenticating users and checking their permissions to perform certain actions are the ABC of any software and real-life process. ASP.NET as a long record of successful applications yet the overall API it always offered is quite simple for the needs of today. These has brought to a variety of additional best practices that for the most part have been incorporated in ASP.NET Core. In this session we’ll first look at the basic facts of claims and core authentication and then move to authorization policies and authentication in the context of Web APIs. By attending the session you’ll figure out the differences between old and new ASP.NET authentication, old and new ASP.NET authorization and common steps to control access to a Web API.

Dino Esposito
  • Authored over 20 books and 1000 articles and his books, articles helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET and ASP.NET developers and software architects worldwide.
  • Ended up leading the team of five dreamers who actually deployed in 1995 a thing today we would call Flickr or iCloud Photos.
  • The author of all editions of “Programming ASP.NET MVC”, other books are the best-seller “Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” and “Programming ASP.NET Core”. Best-selling Pluralsight author (.NET architecture and ASP.NET MVC UI courses).
  • A JetBrains evangelist and a former member of the team that manages WURFL.
  • Corporate Digital Strategist at BaxEnergy and practices with renewable energy and artificial intelligence.
  • Facebook, Twitter
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