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Microservices delivery pipeline with .NET Core, Docker and AWS

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In the process of deploying .NET Core application there may be a bunch of problems that need to be solved very quickly, although, of course, it's better not to allow them at all. Such problems can be: different configuration of applications in different environments, different versions of infrastructure services, the need to rollback to earlier versions of the application, disabling the application in the deployment process.

My presentation focuses on the demonstration of modern and effective solutions for the aforementioned issues of deploying .NET Core application based on Amazon Web Services and Docker. The presentation is purely practical and based on the real experience with .NET Core, AWS and Docker.

Oleksandr Nahirniak
EPAM Systems
  • Works at EPAM Systems as Senior Software Engineer
  • Loves .NET Core, C# and Python
  • Has been coding since he was 15 years old and never been stopping
  • First PC with Pentium II Klamath on aboard
  • GitHub, Stack Overflow, LeetCode
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