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Embracing architectural challenges in the modern .NET world

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For more than decade .NET has been used primarily in enterprise software development. We all remember intranet deployment, IIS, SQL Server, N-tier applications and so on. The toolset (Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, IIS Management snap-in etc) seemed to be set in stone as well as architecture (controllers, services, repositories). .NET people were isolated from other folks, who were using clusters, containers, clouds, and Linux.

However, adoption of clouds during few past years, the release of .NET Core made much more choices available to developers. It turned out that traditional way of building application is not that efficient from many viewpoints, including costs, time, performance or robustness. It happens because the environment has been changed and many assumptions are not still relevant.

In this talk, we will discuss what and why has been changed and how to deal with that. What are new requirements for our applications? What are new services available, and how to use them wisely? And finally, how should we design our applications to be cost-effective, competitive and have a lot of fun working with .NET Core.

Serhiy Kalinets
  • System Architect @ Playtika.
  • Engineering practices coach.
  • Active speaker at conferences and user groups.
  • Twitter, GitHub
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