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Platform Engineering in practice — Why and How to start [eng]

Talk presentation

The tech industry went from IT to DevOps, and Platform Engineering showed it well to enable effective software products development.

Serg with his teams re-architected and delivered a few Web Cloud Platforms, and applied engineering reorganizations, to improve companies’ products delivery.

It was done at scale- a few hundred engineers and operations, dozens of products, hundreds of microservices and customers.

This talk aims to share the experience and learned practices, including practical technical tooling suggestions, processes, and team organization tips. And, of course, live and coding demos.

Serg Hospodarets
Global Head of Engineering
  • Serg went from a team leader and architect to a Director and Global Head of Product and Engineering, so has an understanding of the needs of both developers, business, and customers.
  • He built a few Platform Engineering organizations and delivered Web Cloud Platforms to developers and customers, and now is open to share his experience in enabling teams, business, and customers.
  • Linkedin, Twitter, Github, web-site
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