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Modern DevOps & Real Life Applications. 3.0.0-devops+20230318 [ukr]

Talk presentation

In this presentation, I will recount the challenges my team and I faced over the past year and how we overcame obstacles and achieved our goals.

Even for greenfield projects, our journey had its share of surprises. Despite living in 2023, we still encountered common problems that many think are long-solved. I'll delve into topics such as defining DNS zones across multiple environments, dealing with ineffective build artifacts from mature development teams, GitHub Actions for CI/CD, versioning, cost optimization, and the potential pitfalls of adopting GitOps in combination with a "reuse as much as possible" mentality.

So, join me as we explore the trade-offs and lessons learned from these real-world scenarios. With this presentation, you'll gain valuable insights to help you navigate similar challenges quickly and confidently.

Igor Fesenko
  • Microsoft MVP and Solutions Architect at SoftServe
  • Engineer T, where T : Azure | DevOps | C#
  • Spend time in the cloud
  • Twitter, GitHub, Site
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