Discussion on how to become a good DevOps engineer

Participants of the discussion:

  • Vsevolod Polyakov (DevOps engineer)
  • Anton Koshevyi (MacPaw Way)
  • Sergii Bielskyi (Eleks)
  • Valery Kobyzev (DevOps MLOps Engineer)

The experts will discuss these points, and not only:

  • Who DevOps actually is? What are some of the key skills and knowledge areas that a DevOps engineer should have? Yaml engineers — is it possible to be devops knowing only yaml? Is dev skills needed? Which language better to learn? How can you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the DevOps field?
  • What role does automation play in the DevOps workflow, and how can CI/CD processes be optimized for maximum efficiency?
  • What are some best practices for monitoring applications in a DevOps environment, and how can these practices be optimized for maximum effectiveness?
  • What are some best practices for troubleshooting applications in a DevOps environment, and how can these practices be optimized for maximum effectiveness?
  • Can DevOps practices and habits be used without cloud (for example on your own datacentre)?
  • How to talk about money? How to choose a correct place to grow?
  • Stories from the own experience of experts of discussion: what mistakes in DevOps they made and how they fixed it.

Leave your feedback about the discussion:


Vsevolod Polyakov
Head of Infrastructure, Let's Enhance
  • The consultant, technologist, was happy to work in companies such as Datarobot, Ring.com, Grammarly and others
  • Currently consulting on infrastructure, architecture, monitoring and devops
  • Founder of the largest and most active devops community in Ukraine ukrops.club
Anton Koshevyi
MacPaw Way
  • Staff Site Reliability Engineer at MacPaw Way
  • Has 15+ years in IT. He worked in the world of VoIP chaos, FreeBSD sects, team leading, MacOS from the DevOps side, of course, and the standard web.
  • These days he has been doing a lot of CI/CD for MacOS, ask him anything about that
  • Boring part: Kubernetes, Clouds, etc.
  • Twitter
Sergii Bielskyi
  • Head of Research and Development Office at ELEKS
  • Microsoft Azure MVP
  • A multi-skilled expert with comprehensive experience of designing, developing and deploying Cloud and Hybrid architectures and infrastructure for software applications
  • Having over 10 years of IT experience Azure and SharePoint infrastructures. Possessing a proven ability to lead project teams to successfully deliver agreed upon solutions of the highest quality, often in complex and challenging customer environments
  • He has managed SharePoint Competence Center working in MS partner company
  • Organizes events in the community group, writes articles in the blog, participates in the conference as a speaker
  • A lead of Ukrainian IoT and SharePoint Community
  • He has been a speaker at such conferences as Local community, SQLSaturday, MS Swit, net Fest, Just do It, Azure Day, IoT hackathon etc.
  • Twitter, Medium, GitHub
Valery Kobyzev
DevOps MLOps Engineer
  • Has over 18 years in IT. Started as a Linux/FreeBSD system administrator in a hosting company with almost 1000 servers.
  • Has expertise in building data centers and how the Internet works from the ground up, including obtaining an IP/ASN and connecting to an ISP.
  • He has extensive experience in highlod. In particular, this includes support for streaming platforms, protection against DDoS mitigation, and network security.
  • In addition to commercial development, he also works on own pet projects, many of which later became profitable. He works with bare-metal environment as well as with cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP.
  • Recently, he has been deep dive into cutting edge techologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
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