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Building resilient cloud applications with Chaos engineering & Azure Chaos Studio [eng]

Talk presentation

In the microservices and distributed systems era your complex landscape is never 100% up or is it? We build applications to be resilient, can handle failover, and have all kinds of patterns & practices to be high available. But do we also test these mechanisms?

Chaos Engineering is a practice that focuses on making sure your application keeps working under all kinds of stress factors like downtime, latency, or failures. Chaos engineering does this by running experiments to see what happens in case of failure.

Geert will explain what Chaos Engineering is all about and will demo how Azure Chaos Studio is a new solution by Microsoft to help in doing Chaos Experiments.

Join this session to learn about starting with Chaos Engineering yourself or to learn more about creating high available, resilient applications using the cloud.

Geert van der Cruijsen
Xebia | Xpirit
  • Geert is a Lead DevOps Consultant, Cloud architect and full cycle developer working for Xpirit in the Netherlands
  • He helps development teams build better software by coaching and helping them hands on.
  • Geert loves improving teams on all aspects, from software craftsmanship to cloud native architecture and agile practices.
  • Twitter, Linkedin, Github
  • He's an expert on Azure, DevOps practices and cloud-native architectures
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