Crash Course: Developing microservices

Intensive training for those who want to get started with microservices using Spring 6.0, Spring Boot 3.1 and JDK 20
Event is over
Crash Course: Developing microservices
Crash Course: Developing microservices
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over

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Microservices are a service-oriented architecture pattern in which applications are created as sets of small and independent service units. This design approach boils down to dividing the program into single-function modules with clearly defined interfaces. The use of microservices will help to get rid of problems with deployment and scaling, and also allows the use of several teams for one project, each of which can use its own programming language, technologies and frameworks.

During the Crash-course you will learn:

  • Use microservices in your applications;
  • It is better to understand the breakdown of the system into modules and components
  • Understand distributed development
  • Organize message delivery via Apache Kafka
  • Store data in NoSQL/Redis databases
  • Use event-driven architecture
  • Test microservices

Coach — Serhii Morenets, , Senior Java Developer в Provectus Life. A developer with 23 years of experience, using the Spring Framework for over 15 years. Author of the books "Development of Java applications" (4 parts) and trainer with 10+ years of experience.


Date and time: June 15 and 16, 10:00 - 18:00, (Kyiv time, GMT+3).

The training will be held online in Ukrainian, the number of participants is limited: 20 places.

Platform: Zoom

During the training, we will analyze a monolithic legacy application, highlight the main problems of its development and step by step try to improve it using microservice architecture. After each step, we will analyze what the group did, and then the coach will explain his decision for each step.


  • Architects who want to move from a monolithic to a microservice architecture
  • Java developers who want to better understand the development and design of projects built using microservices architecture

Requirements for participants:

  • Knowledge of Java SE
  • build systems (Maven, Gradle)
  • experience with Spring Framework/Spring Boot at a basic level


  1. Monolithic programs. Historical background, features of use, advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Microservice architecture. Comparison with monolithic architecture, technology stack, pitfalls.
  3. Breaking programs into microservices. Breakdown of the data model, business logic, Share data access and API. Data migration.
  4. Spring Framework infrastructure. Using Spring/Spring Boot/Spring MVC/Spring Test to develop microservices.
  5. Autonomy of microservices. Using DTOs and client libraries. Data mapping libraries.
  6. Event-driven architecture and its patterns. Advantages and disadvantages of synchronous messaging.
  7. Messaging using Apache Kafka. Running Kafka with Docker, sending and receiving messages, partitions and topics, data replication.
  8. MongoDB. Launching with Docker, basic setup and integration with Spring Data.
  9. Redis. Advantages of key-value databases, configuration and integration with Spring Data.
  10. Event sourcing. Main characteristics and application areas, commands and events, using MongoDB.
  11. CQRS. Use in conjunction with the event-sourcing pattern.
  12. Testing microservices. Using Test Containers, integration with Spring Boot/Spring Data.

Serhii Morenets, Java Developer Advocate

— Java evangelist, author of the books "Java Application Development", "Perfect Code" and "Basic Java Programming Mistakes"

— Has 10+ years of teaching experience and 250+ students.

—Speaker at international and national IT conferences, including Devoxx Poland, jPrime, JEEconf, JavaFrameworks Days, Dev Talks, Java User Group, JavaDay , IT-Talk.

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