NLP discussion

Talk video

We will talk about:

  • What does it need to become an NLP specialist?
  • NLP as a tool to help identify information about people in different data sources
  • A large number of fakes in social networks and mechanisms to combat them (algorithms and moderation)
  • NLP takes away jobs

Guests of the discussion:

  • Vsevolod Dyomkin (Projector)
  • Halyna Oliinyk (
  • Vitaliy Radchenko (Scorum AI)
Halyna Oliinyk
  • Head of the data science department at, which is a platform for advanced data lifecycle management.
  • She has extensive experience in continuous delivery of end-to-end NLP solutions mainly focused on performing multi-lingual analysis for high-load systems helping to enhance, summarize, and highlight specific properties of text data.
  • LinkedIn, Medium
Vsevolod Dyomkin
  • Research engineer (m8n)ware, teacher at Projector
  • Lisp programmer, NLP researcher, teacher of courses on OS, algorithms and NLP, author of the book "Programming algorithms in Lisp"
  • Website, Twitter
Vitaliy Radchenko
Scorum AI
  • Data Scientist at Scorum AI
  • Main interest is NLP, where he has a lot of experience in solving different problems from scratch to production deployment. Now working on recommender systems. Besides, he has relevant experience in Time Series, anomaly detection, AutoML, and classical tasks.
  • Occasionally, he is a data science courses lecturer and helps with meetups organization.
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