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Natural Language Processing [Discussion]

Discussion video

Some of the best experts in the world will participate in the NLP discussion: Thomas Wolf and Braden Hancock, whose teams are involved in creating SOTA solutions for various NLP tasks; makes it relatively easy to apply SOTA solutions in the industry. Also in the discussion will be experts from the strongest NLP teams in the industry in Ukraine (YouScan and Grammarly), who are experienced in solving various problems within their products.

The discussion will discuss the latest SOTA models in language modeling, their use to solve other NLP problems; approaches to transfer learning; their use in production; the benefits of multitask learning; data features, markup quality, and self-supervised approaches.

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Vitaliy Radchenko (Data Scientist @ YouScan)


  • Thomas Wolf(Lead the Science team @ HuggingFace Inc.)
  • Braden Hancock (PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University)
  • Maksym Bevza (Research Scientist @ Grammarly
Braden Hancock
Stanford University
  • PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, with prior work at Google, Facebook, and MIT.
  • Researches machine learning systems, focusing on how to get supervision signal from a human into a model as quickly, easily, and efficiently as possible.
  • Core developer of the Snorkel open-source project, recently featured on the Google AI blog.
Thomas Wolf
HuggingFace Inc.
  • Lead the Science team at HuggingFace Inc.
  • Has been programming since he was 10, writing video games and interactive software in Assembly and C/C++
  • Got accepted for a PhD at MIT (Cambridge, USA) but ended up PhD in Statistical/Quantum physics at Sorbonne University and ESPCI (Paris, France)
  • Was consulting for many Deep-Learning/AI/ML startups
  • Interested in Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Computational Linguistics
  • Twitter, Github, Medium
Vitaliy Radchenko
  • Data Scientist at YouScan.
  • Main interest is NLP, where he has a lot of experience in solving different problems from scratch to production deployment. Besides, he has relevant experience in Time Series, anomaly detection, AutoML, and classical tasks.
  • Occasionally, he is a data science courses lecturer and helps with meetups organization.
Maksym Bevza
  • Former Research Scientist @ Grammarly Inc.
  • COO, Co-founder at Shift AI
  • Former Software Engineer Intern at Google & Facebook
  • Active contributor to the AllenNLP
  • Facebook, LinkedIn
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