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Digital transformation and innovations implementation. Architectural points of view [ukr]

Talk presentation

Every engineer wants to work with the latest and trend technologies, develop and try new things. Businesses are not always ready or willing to innovate their products, so architects must prove that these innovations are absolutely necessary for the business and will solve specific tasks, to solve specific problems or achieve the highest goals, and without these steps it will be very difficult to achieve this. On the other hand, if the business has already decided to implement digital transformation and innovation, then the architects need to have a clear plan and a gradual development path, and it is possible that there will be many stages and several transformations in different industries along the way. architecture (business, data, applications, technologies). In the first and second cases, it is very important first of all to define the goals for each stage and how to measure the system indicators and how well they meet the goals.

This talk will present::

  • What is digital transformation and how to identify exactly which innovations / technological trends are needed;
  • High-level process (from preparation, identification of targets to measurement of quality attributes at various stages);
  • Basic concepts, principles and methods (e.g. quality attributes, fitness functions, architectural design concepts that should be used and development based on hypotheses, etc.);
  • The role of the Architect in this process;
  • The main part of the speech is to present tips and tricks on examples of roadmaps for digital transformation and innovation in the following areas: implementation of DevOps/SRE cultures, development standards and Test Strategy, migration from monolith to the microservices architecture.

The main goal of the speech is to show a structured process of digital transformation and implementation of innovation and advice based on examples in the main directions.

This talk will be useful to::

  • architects and technical consultants who are engaged in the development of architectures at various levels (from application to enterprise);
  • technical leads and software developers who are engaged or will be engaged in facilitating the process of implementing innovations and digital transformation;
  • engineers of various fields of Development, DevOps/SRE, Data, QA and other fields;
  • system analysts and engineering managers.

Level of audience:

  • Experience in software architecture development and understanding of basic architectural principles;
  • Understanding of architectural patterns and styles;
  • Engineering English.
Oleksandr Savchenko
Solutioning Director @ Ciklum
  • Has more than 14 years in IT (inc. 6+ years enterprise and software architecture)
  • Winner of Ukrainian IT Awards in category Software Engineering in 2019 and member of jury in 2020.
  • SEI/TOGAF/ITIL trained specialist, ICAgile Certified Professional, AWS accredited specialist.
  • Speaker on different global conferences, meet-ups, workshops, author of courses and actively leads the engineering communities.
  • HWent from developer to technical lead, architect, director, head of departments.
  • Managed departments with 250+ FTE, led big programs (100+ engineers) from different business domains, modern technology stacks and complexity.
  • Provided different services and participated in: portfolio/program management, architecture design and evaluation, pre-sales, workshops with clients & service providers, software development, technical audit, team assessment, cloud adoption, mentoring & coaching, financial/technical/process improvement advisory and consulting, financial planning & forecasting.
  • GitHub, LinkedIn
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