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How we used Nuxt and Composition API in Vue Storefront?

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We started Vue Storefront 3 years ago as a small Open Source project aiming to bring back some joy to the nightmare of eComemrce development.

Today it's the biggest product in its category in the world winning with giants like Adobe with almost 200 live shops including top world brands... and it's still free and Open Source for everyone!

At the beginning of this year, we decided to do a full rewrite with Nuxt and Composition API to make our APIs easier to use. We knew that it will bring a lot of improvements but the final result was far beyond our expectations!

If you're curious how Composition API let us migrate from a huge Vue monolith to a set of domain-oriented independent packages, why we don't need Vuex anymore, and what challenges we faced while combining Composition API with Nuxt be sure to watch this talk! I will share a lot of examples and ideas for the creative usage of Composition API and tell you what you should be cautious about when using it with Nuxt.

Filip Rakowski
Vue Storefront
  • Co-creator and CTO of the biggest Open Source e-commerce project - Vue Storefront
  • An active member and official partner of Vue.js community, international speaker, and trainer
  • In his free time, he writes on Vue School blog about performance and vue best practices
  • Twitter
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