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PHP fwdays'21

Alexa, let's build a voice-powered app

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With devices such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, voice assistants have gotten into our lives. It’s undisputed that voice-powered applications can have a tremendous impact on your life and your business. Let’s try and build a voice-powered application ourselves and even summon Alexa on stage.

Notes: This talk will cover a lot of aspects of how to create voice-powered applications on your own. I will cover the general idea of how these devices work, will demo an HTML5 powered example application and will talk about how to create custom Alexa skills using PHP.

Marcel Pociot
Beyond Code GmbH
  • Managing partner and developer at the Beyond Code GmbH in Germany, which builds custom Laravel web projects and focuses on Chatbot development
  • Works on various open-source PHP projects
  • Maintains the most popular PHP chatbot framework "BotMan"
  • Twitter, GitHub
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