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PHP fwdays'21

Event Sourcing: the good, the bad and the complicated

Talk video

Event Sourcing can look like an attractive solution for any of your applications, but does it actually pay off?

What if it is all just buzzwords and no gain?

We’ll look at how we implemented event sourcing in our own app, code-reviews.io:

  • what made us fast
  • what made us super slow
  • what made us cry
  • This talk will give you a good idea of what kind of challenges you will encounter when approaching event sourcing for the first time.

    Marco Pivetta
    • A software consultant at Roave.
    • With over a decade of experience with PHP, he is part of the Zend Framework CR team, Doctrine core team, and is also active in the community as a mentor and supporter.
    • When not coding for work, he usually hacks together new concepts and open source libraries, or simply provides Q&A on Twitter
    • Twitter, GitHub
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