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25+ millions members in 22 countries, how to scale with Symfony 2?

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How did we manage to scale BlaBlaCar to the company it is now with Symfony 2 ?
We'll present you a quick history of BlaBlaCar tech team then dig more on what we do now with Symfony 2 and what we plan to do to keep improving the platform.

Olivier Dolbeau
  • A web architect at BlaBlaCar
  • Symfony2 fan, swarrot maintainer, OSS lover, he is also an active member of the PHP French users association (AFUP)
  • When not coding for work, he usually goes out to grab some beers with friends, when not coding
  • Twitter, GitHub
Benjamin De Bernardi
  • Lead Engineer @ BlaBlaCar focusing on growth topics
  • Working with Symfony since the 2.0, OSS fan, PHP lover
  • Twitter
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