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A talk about maintaining servers and computers using JavaScript and Node.

The journey as a software developer that wants to deploy code to servers usually goes something like this:

  • You start out by ssh'ing into a bunch of machines. Spawn some processes. Hope they don't crash!
  • Then at some point and "experienced" developer friend comes along and tells you that you need to use more fancy tools with lots and lots of features, like chef and kubernetes.
  • You soon find yourself spending more time debugging why these tools don't always work instead of spending time writing fun new servers.

This talk will be about how you can replace all of these frameworks tools with a bunch of small node modules that utilizes p2p technology to make your ops setup much more simple, scalable and durable.
Expect plenty of demos.

Mathias Buus
Open Source Hacker
  • JavaScript developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • The author of more than 450 modules on NPM, and writes and bunch p2p code for the Dat project
  • GitHub, Twitter
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