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You Don't Know npm

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Everybody knows "npm install". In fact, around 100,000,000 people run it everyday. But what many people don't know is that there is much more to npm than simply installing!

Ashley, an ops and services engineer, will take you on a tour of npm’s greatest features, old and new, and demonstrates how they can be integrated into your workflow to make you better, happier, and more productive. Along the way she'll share some of the amazing stats about npm's usage, and show off some of the lesser known registry services that npm offers to help you build your own tooling for the npm ecosystem.

Ashley Williams
npm, Inc
  • Is currently a services engineer at npm, Inc, the package manager for JavaScript and the Node.js ecosystem
  • Represents the Individual Membership on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors
  • Wears a lot of hats, both literally and professionally
  • Previously a backend and services engineer at Mozilla, and a web engineer and educator at Bocoup
  • Has a long history of designing, developing, and teaching systems and systems architecture
  • Twitter, GitHub
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