From CRUD to Hypermedia APIs with Spring

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Typical way to design and expose HTTP API today is a so called CRUD approach: come up with URL templates for resources, map create-read-update-delete operations to HTTP verbs and serialize domain model as JSON. Nice and easy, isn't it?

This talk will present limitations of CRUD style APIs and how to address them using "real" REST and hypermedia, HAL and ALPS.
We'll take a look how a set of libraries and tools from Spring helps building these APIs.

All the talking is not worth it without an example, so Spring-based application will be our guide. Amazon, PayPal, GitHub and other API providers have already started embracing hypermedia and linking by enhancing their HTTP interfaces.
Are you next?

Владимир Цукур
  • Software engineer and architect, primarily focused on the development of distributed systems, platforms and APIs.
  • REST trainer, XP practitioner and a member of JEEConf / XP Days program committee.
  • Passionately engaged in software development for over 10 years striving to make things right!
  • Twitter, GitHub
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