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Default to Open: Creating a DevOps Culture

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DevOps is not just having your Dev and Ops teams sit in the same room reporting to the same manager, introducing some agile tools, automating some manual steps of established processes and carrying on working the same way. You haven't actually changed the way the teams operate. Building a culture is at the core of DevOps adoption, and this involves a change in mindset.

This session will look at what key cultural characteristics made Red Hat the world's leading provider of enterprise Open Source solutions (spoiler alert: they are based on Open Source principals) and how you can apply these to your teams to break down silos and enhance openness, sharing and collaboration. There will be time for Q&A to answer your questions about relevant topics, such as remote teams, failing fast and any other barriers you are facing.

Katrina Novakovic
Red Hat
  • Business Architect, EMEA Office of Technology, Red Hat
  • Enables customers to realise their strategic digital vision with Red Hat technology
  • Works with organizations to strategically use open source software and methodologies and to establish communities
  • Twitter
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