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Building CI/CD Pipelines with NUKE

Відео доповіді

NUKE is a cross-platform build automation system with a C# DSL. Unlike other build systems, it is fully integrated into your IDE and comes with code completion, debugging and refactoring-safety. But that’s not the only reason that makes NUKE the fastest way to set up builds! It includes declarative parameters, consistent APIs for third party tools (Docker, dotnet CLI, MSBuild, etc.), project-model interfaces, different build sharing strategies, and a powerful target dependency model. Most importantly, NUKE has auto-generated CI/CD integration for Azure Pipelines, TeamCity, and others. In other words: no need to bother with YAML files anymore, while still getting all the nice features, like parallelization, logging, and build queue optimization!

See NUKE in action, and get a glimpse at the future of maintainable build infrastructure!

Matthias Koch
  • Developer Advocate at JetBrains
  • A passionate C# developer
  • Likes to talk about clean code, testing, and tooling in general
  • Much of his spare time in the last years was devoted to his very own open-source projects
  • Twitter
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