Vuetify in practice [Workshop]

Talk video

Workshop presentation

  • How and why to use the Vuetify component library
  • My personal journey of using Vuetify
  • What you can build with that library
  • A brief overview of available components
  • Customization, validation, i18n, and other aspects
  • Example on a real project. We will develop a page with a typical booking process using Vuetify

The workshop will last from 18:00 till 21:00, for participants with the level of knowledge Beginner / Intermediate.

Alexander Stepanov
Sigma Software Group /
  • Senior Full-Stack Web developer at Sigma Software Group
  • Part-time Team Lead at
  • Co-Founder of startup
  • More than 5 years in Software Development
  • Develops startup applications from scratch: backend / frontend / architecture
  • Big fan of JS stack (Node.js, Nest.js, Vue.js, Angular)
  • Linkedin, Github, Telegram chanel
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