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Nuxt.js and the Composition API

Talk video

Презентація доповіді

Vue 3 and the Composition API are out for a bit now. And while the ecosystem is catching up, more and more libraries provide support for the Composition API through composables. But what is about Server-Side Rendering with the composition API, especially when using Nuxt.js? I got you covered!

In this talk, you will learn about the @nuxtjs/composition-api package that provides you a couple of nifty composables as well as SSR support in conjunction with the Composition API itself. Together we look into the new additions of the packages as well as several use cases and examples of how to use the Composition API with Nuxt.js.

Alexander Lichter
  • Alex is a Nuxt.js core maintainer and full-stack developer in his twenties
  • Founder of Developmint
  • When not working on open-source projects, he gives talks at conferences, writes blog posts or consults other companies on web development with a focus on Vue.js and Nuxt.js
  • Twitter, Github, Linkedin
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