Charitable stream with Artem Zakharchenko

We are raising UAH 600,000 for a powerful drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
Event is over
Charitable stream with Artem Zakharchenko
Charitable stream with Artem Zakharchenko
Event is over
Event is over
Event is over


As part of the Fwdays Tech Talks podcast, we are holding a charity stream with Artem Zakharchenko, organizer of the KharkivJS conference and Solution Architect / Head JavaScript in Namecheap. Alexander Solovyov (CTO at Kasta) is the permanent host of the podcast.

During the war, Artem founded the Star Ukraine Volunteer Foundation, which focuses on helping soldiers in the Kharkiv region. In three months, the fund raised about 20 million hryvnias in aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians.

The goal of the stream is to raise UAH 600,000 for a powerful quadcopter for our defenders on the front line. The money will be donated to the Star Ukraine Fund.

The stream will be held on YouTube, on May 26 at 18:00, stream link. If you want to receive a reminder letter and find out about the upcoming events, register by clicking the "Register" button in the header of the page. Stream language is Ukrainian

How do we raise money

Important! Among those who will take part in the fundraising, we will give away two flags of Ukraine, signed by our defenders. This is a symbolic thanks from our soldiers.

One flag will be awarded to the one who makes the biggest donation, the second flag will be randomly raffled among all those who make a donation over or equal UAH 1,000

The flags will be different, but similar to these ones.

What will we talk about

The stream will consist of two parts. Firstly we will talk about Artem's volunteer work and how IT volunteers are different, what are the challenges. After that we will discuss technical topics.

Artem works for Namecheap, the world's second domain name registrar, so he will share his unique, practical experience.

  • What is Namecheap and how it works
  • Migration from monolith to microservices
  • Microfrontend, do you need them?
  • Who need to choose the technologies in the company
  • What is architect doing, should everyone become an architect?
  • 5 frameworks on one page, is liberty killing business?
  • Namecheap performance optimization experience
  • 2 years with incidents, how to manage that
  • How to live under DDOS permanently
  • In house frameworks or OpenSource solutions?

What we raise money for

We are raising money for a powerful quadcopter DJI Matrice 300 RTK. Its approximate price is about UAH 600 000 in Ukrainian stores. This drone is more expensive than the popular DJI Mavic 3, but from military experience, has significantly better performance.

Signal transmission is up to almost 15 km and flight time is almost 1 hour regardless of the weather. Much better protection against REB devices, from which Mavic 3 dies quickly enough.

If we raise enough funds for the quadcopter, we will additionally purchase a z30 camera, which gives x30 zoom. This allows you to work from a safe distance.

The fund's retailer team will be looking for the best price.

Glory to Ukraine! #StandWithUkraine

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