Testing of mobile applications in the conditions of impossibility of creation of test data

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Every QA/QC engineer sooner or later faces the problem of creating test data. There can be many reasons for this:

  • there is no implementation at all (for example, you have an application to pay for parcels, but, for some reasons, there is no end-point to create a parcel);
  • backend-development delays the implementation of functionality, but you have a response model from the server;
  • encrypted databases on the client-side, which do not have access to create test data.

How to be in such cases? In my talk, we learn:

  • Practical examples and scenarios for testing mobile applications
  • How to test our application with the data we need?
  • How to check the behavior of the application in stressful situations, when the server sends errors, or the server is not available at all?
  • How to create test data for offline applications?
  • How and where local data is stored in mobile devices and how it will help us in testing.
Arthur Shevchenko
Director of Engineering @ Yalantis
  • Work as a Senior QA / QC Engineer at Yalantis, Tech Lead on a project
  • A mentor, an interviewer, Ph.D., and a motorcycle traveler
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