ORM vs GraphQL

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Now many developers (not all) have a tendency to use a number of technologies, not understanding how they work and which problems they solve and which ones they create. The talk will be devoted to a review of libraries in Python, which help us work with databases, namely, effectively receive data.

I will try to tell and answer the following questions:

  • why is it sometimes worth writing RAW SQL;
  • when it is worth paying attention to ORM, in particular, their advantages and differences;
  • where and how ORM will be slower, and where there will be no difference;
  • how and what ORMs can work in asynchronous mode;
  • what does GraphQL have to do with it and how can it help.

Oleksandr Tarasenko
EVO Fintech / EVO company
  • 10+ years of experience in web development
  • For the last two years has been building and managing a large scalable fintech project focused on Ukrainian e-commerce leaders
  • Teaches programming courses at an IT-school
  • GraphQL enthusiast
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