Behavior-driven development in Python

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The goal of the BDD technique is to establish successful communication between customers, business analysts, programmers, and testers for the whole life of the project.

That is why a language was created, in which the expected behavior of the application is described in simple text form, and then through the BDD framework, the text is translated into program code, which could already be used in testing the software product.

Where BDD is applied, software requirements turn into living code, and tests instead of a programming language are written in simple human language.

In this talk, using the automation of website testing as an example, the Behave framework for Python will be shown.

The talk will be about:

  • writing bdd files;
  • performing them in behave;
  • running BDD as tests in pytest;
  • integrating everything into the CI pipeline.
Egor Fedorov
  • Full-stack developer
  • Python enthusiast
  • Pusher of effective coding techniques
  • Facebook, GitHub
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