Deep dive: Automation of infrastructure management on Pulumi

You will learn about the Pulumi platform and gain hands-on skills in automating infrastructure deployment.
Deep dive: Automation of infrastructure management on Pulumi
Deep dive: Automation of infrastructure management on Pulumi

Event description:

Traditional manual methods of IT infrastructure management have certain disadvantages: they are time-consuming, error-prone and not scalable.

There is a need for automation and optimization of infrastructure work processes. She is satisfied with the Infrastructure as code (IaC) approach, which has already become a standard in the work of DevOPS engineers.

In this deep dive, you will learn how to describe and deploy infrastructure with Pulumi (language: Typescript) using Google Cloud as an example. You will learn how to import already created resources, we will also cover the code with tests and look at integration with CI/CD.


Date and time: March 2, 11:00 - 14:30, (Kyiv time, GMT+2). Theoretical part + demo. Duration ~3.5 hours.
Platform: ZOOM.
Language of presentation: English
Language of the event: Ukrainian
Requirements: basic knowledge of Typescript and GCP/AWS

Who will be interested?

  • Developers
  • Architects
  • DevOPS specialists who do not have practical experience with Terraform/Pulumi


  • Presentation about the main concepts of IaC and Pulumi
  • Demo: infrastructure deployment in Google Cloud (CloudSQL, Kubernetes and VM instance)
  • Demo: code coverage with tests
  • Demo: Integration with CI/CD (Github Actions)

Dmytro Garanzha, Head of Engineering at Howly by SKELAR

— 11+ years in development. The main expertise is PHP and Golang backend.

— Held the roles of team leader, tech leader and architect.

— Actively researches and implements DevOps practices and tools: Pulumi, GCP, Kubernetes. Howly independently implemented Infrastructure as Code.

— Fwdays Speaker, Genesis School, Projector.


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